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Gasoline And Diesel Fuel Additives And Supplements

Prevent Gelling, Icing, Corrosion, Decreased Lubricity And More

Choosing the right fuel and lubricants for your vehicles and equipment is just the first step in making sure your business runs right. In order to optimize the performance of your engines year-round, you need the right blend of additives. That's why Wakefield carries the following diesel fuel additives and supplements:


  • Royal MFG. Winter Diesel Premium Fuel Additive
  • Royal MFG. Diesel Conditioner & Anti-Gel
  • Royal MFG. Diesel Fuel Winter Additive
  • Lucas Fuel Treatment
  • Power Service Bio Kleen
  • Power Service Diesel Supplement with Cetane Boost
  • Power Service Diesel 911
  • Techron Fuel System Cleaner (for gas engines)
  • Heet Gas-Line Antifreeze & Water Remover

Wondering which fuel additives or supplements are right for your equipment? Click on the link below to ask the experts at Wakefield Oil. We'll help you find the right seasonal fuel additive products and blends to keep your equipment running smoothly all year-round.

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