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Frequently Asked Fuel And Lubricant Questions

Knowledgable Answers From Petroleum Products Experts

Fuel And Lubricant Questions

The following is a list of the most commonly asked fuel and lubricant questions the experts at Wakefield Oil encounter on a daily basis. If you see your question below, simply click on it to read the answer from our fuel and lubricant experts.


Don’t see your question listed here? Contact Wakefield Oil and we’ll be happy to assist you via email, over the phone or with an in-person consultation.


Does Wakefield Oil deliver fuel and lubricants?
YES. We deliver fuel and lubes from most of our locations to your place of business, farm, industrial site, jobsite or retail outlet.

How much notice do I need to get fuel delivered?
We would prefer to have 24 hours notice but we do the best we can to provide quick customer service to all our customers.

What refiners can you get fuel from?
We can provide fuels from Hollyfrontier Navajo Refinery.

What types of fuel does Wakefield Oil sell?
We carry a full line of fuels, most of which are available at the pumps:

  • Unleaded, Plus and Premium Gasolines (No Ethanol)
  • Clear On Road Diesel (Ultra Low Sulfur)
  • Red dyed off road diesel #2.
  • Kerosene
  • Solvent

Can I use Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel in vehicles older than 2007?
Yes, you can use ULSD (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel) in pre-2007 vehicles. You cannot use any diesel fuel but ULSD in vehicles with 2007 engines. If you have a 2007 vehicle consult your dealer to confirm that the vehicle has a 2007 engine that requires ULSD. Our on-road diesel fuel products are all ULSD.

Do you sell Winter Diesel fuel?
YES. We winterize all of our diesel fuel products at our pumps.

Do you have a lubrication specialist on staff?
Our sales representatives have extensive fuel and lubrication training and are able to answer most of your lubrication questions.

What brands of lube oils does Wakefield Oil carry?
We are national distributors for Troco Lubricants. We carry a full line of Royal Manufacturing brands for all your industrial needs, as well as anti-freeze and fuel additives. We have customer pick-up or delivery options available.

Do you sell and deliver biodiesel?

Can I mix biodiesel with regular diesel fuel in my vehicle?
Yes. If you have regular diesel in you tank you can mix it with biodiesel. If you are somewhere where you can't buy biodiesel, you can put in regular diesel; it is perfectly acceptable to switch back and forth.

Do I have to modify my diesel to use biodiesel?
NO. However biodiesel does clean out fuel tanks, lines, pumps and injectors because it is highly detergent. It may clog fuel filters if you have an older diesel vehicle or if you have not changed your fuel filter on a regular basis.

It should also be noted that biodiesel at blends above B-20 (20%) should not be used when you are expected to be in temperatures less than 45 degrees F.

What fleet fueling options do you offer? 

Wakefield Oil offers Wakefield Oil Inc. cards and partners with Honstein to offer you fleet fueling cards with virtually no fees. It's online tools help businesses control their fleet fueling costs. It has customized security and reporting capabilities for business control and accountability.

Can I get a fleet fueling account with Wakefield Oil?
You can apply for a bulk fuel, bulk oil, fleet card from Wakefield Oil  using the applications found on this website.

How often do you bill your customers?
Wakefield Oil invoices twice a month with payments due within 10 days.

Bulk fuel and lubricant purchases are invoiced daily. Payments are due within 10 days for bulk fuel and 30 days for lubricants.

Who owns Wakrfield Oil and where are they from?
The company is owned by Wendell Wakefield of Roswell, NM.

How do I apply for a job with Wakefield Oil?
Click here for a list of current openings and employment opportunities. Click here to apply online or you can apply in person at our Roswell, NM Corporate office or Artesia, NM bulk plant.




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