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Diesel Exhaust Fluid Distribution And Management

On January 1st 2010, new EPA emissions standards went into effect requiring diesel-powered vehicles to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions through a process called selective catalytic reduction (SCR). SCR technology essentially injects an ultra pure urea -- more commonly known as diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) -- into the exhaust stream of diesel vehicles. The subsequent chemical reaction converts noxious nitrogen oxide fumes into a harmless mix of water vapor and nitrogen gas. In order to help you maintain compliance for your vehicles, Wakefield supplies and distributes the following brands of DEF:

  • Victory Blue Diesel Exhaust Fluid

On a logistical level, EPA 2010 adds a complicated new variable to the fleet management efforts of businesses everywhere. Since DEF has a short shelf life and very specific handling procedures, managing this highly concentrated chemical requires a certain amount of specialized training.

When you partner with Wakefield Oil for your diesel exhaust fluid management needs, our knowledgeable Fuel Intelligence Team analyzes your fleet capacity and fuel consumption patterns to determine your specific DEF storage capacity requirements. Based on this initial assessment, we provide tank type and placement recommendations to help preserve and optimize DEF shelf life. Finally, we train your team in the proper handling techniques that this tempermental and potentially hazardous fluid requires.

Click on the link below to contact the experts at Wakefield Oil. We'll help you analyze, plan and manage your diesel exhaust fluid supply and storage program.



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